JOSEPH ASCHER (1829-1869): Le Cascade de Roses, Op. 80, HEINO KASKI (1885-1967): Das Mädchen im Rosengarten from Op. 24, WALTER NIEMANN (1876-1953): Rosen am Gartenhaus from Op. 80, Gelbe Rosen, Op. 33, ADOLF JENSEN (1837-1879): Weisse Rose from Op. 8, EDE POLDINI (1869-1957): Beauty of the Prairies from Op. 56, ETHELBERT NEVIN (1862-1901): Mighty Lak' a Rose, MARIE JAËLL (1846-1925): Roses Flétries, SCOTT JOPLIN (1868-1917): Rose Leaf Rag, HARVEY LOOMIS (1865-1930): Rose of Yesteryear, JULIUS ZAREMBSKI (1854-1885): Les Roses et les Épines, Op. 13, EDWARD MACDOWELL (1861-1908): To a Wild Rose from Op. 51, ELLIOTT GRIFFIS (1883-1967): Yellow Rose, ERNEST DALE (1873-?): Damask Rose (Reverie), JOHN WESLEY WORK (1901-1967): Big Bunch of Roses, HAYDN WOOD (1882-1959): Roses of Picardy, BILLY MAYERL (1901-1959): Evening Primrose, FREDERICK D'ERLANGER (1868-1943): Midnight Roses Waltz, REYNALDO HAHN (1874-1947): La Rose de Blida, JOHANN STRAUSS II (1825-1899): Rosen aus dem Süden (transcr. Walter Giesen [1898-1980]), FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828): Die Rose (transcr. Franz Liszt [1811-1886]), ERNEST DE REGGE (1901-1958): The Last Rose of Summer.

Catalogue Number: 03L070

Label: Dorian

Reference: DSL-92102

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: You get the idea... It need only be said that this is possibly the most beautiful package we've ever offered. Bound into a slightly-oversize hard-cover book are 28 full-color pages printed on a light-rose glossy stock with notes, a poem and a representation of a different rose for each of the 22 items on the disc. Gorgeous. Janice Weber (piano).


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