GEORGE FLYNN (b.1937): Trinity.

Catalogue Number: 03J094

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1593/94

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

Description: A tripartite work of linked material and subject-matter which we offered back in February 2000 with the composer at the piano. Kanal refers to the sewers in which Polish freedom-fighters sought refuge and were slaughtered in World War II. Wound takes as its subject-matter, the Vietnam War, and Salvage attempts to draw some reconciliation from the wreckage. The music is ferociously difficult to play - Finnissy\'s English Country-Tunes is not greatly dissimilar in æsthetic or technical demands. By design, this is the reverse of easy listening, though it is far from academically obscure - it is a great deal more approachable, for instance, than much of Babbitt\'s music, and the work will undoubtedly speak eloquently even to those who would not ordinarily count themselves as members of the natural audience for an hour-and-a-half piece of contemporary piano music. Provocative, viscerally arousing and pianisticallly remarkable, and refreshingly unlike a good deal of modern music in its unrestrained use of technical prowess for the maximum expressive effect. 2 CDs with a PDF file of the complete score also included on the second disc. Fredrik Ullén (piano).


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