HARALD GENZMER (b.1909): Symphony No. 2 for String Orchestra, Violin Concerto, Chamber Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra, Concertino No. 1 for Piano and String Orchestra with Flute.

Catalogue Number: 03I011

Label: 2L

Reference: CTH 2537

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The bright, relaxed and airy neo-classicism of the 1946 Concertino is almost French in its grace and, although Genzmer has never seemed as dry and machine-tooled as Hindemith's brand of this style, the violin concerto (1959) adds more a "Germanic" gravity to the mix. The oboe work (1957), the briefest here at 12 minutes, is also the most lyrical, Genzmer giving the soloist both quick and virtuosic and relaxed music of great charm. The longest work, at 23 minutes, is the 1958 symphony for strings, a tightly-wound knot of jittery nervous tension (with a deeply uneasy slow movement) which is not far removed in spirit from those French, Swiss and Hungarian works for strings from the 1930s which simmered with a similar angst. Rainer Kussmaul (violin), Fran├žois Leleux (oboe), Oliver Triendl (piano), Andrea Lieberknecht (flute), Munich Chamber Orchestra; Alexander Liebreich.


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