BORIS TISHCHENKO (1939-2010): Harp Concerto, Op. 69, Testament for Soprano, Harp and Organ, Op. 96, To My Brother for Soprano, Harp and Flute, Op. 98.

Catalogue Number: 02V010

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.579048

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: The concerto, from 1977, explores strongly contrasting expressive facets of the solo instrument, beginning with an expository, extended movement which sets out the work's modally-inflected thematic material at a leisurely pace. This gives way to robustly orchestrated second and third movements, aggressive and strident (the latter in the mood of a bitterly ironic Shostakovich scherzo, with rattling xylophone). The fourth is a wistful intermezzo, with wordless soprano, and then an extended slow cadenza for the solo harp leads into a finale which brings the work full circle, mournfully re-imagining the material of the first movement in a powerfully cumulative elegy of mounting tension, before dissolving into a reminiscence of the work's opening. The concise vocal trios from 1986 – lasting ten minutes together – are alternately plaintive and urgent. Ionella Marinutsa (harp), Anara Khassenova (soprano), Artem Naumenko (flute), Anna Homenya (organ), International Parisian Symphony Orchestra; Mikhail Sugako.


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