Bohemian Classicism - Orfeo reissues

JOHANN BAPTIST VANHAL (1739-1813): Symphony in G Minor, Bryan g1 (Munich Chamber Orchestra; Michael Helmrath. 1995 release), FRANTIŠEK BENDA (1709-1786): Flute Concerto in A Minor (Andràs Adorján [flute], Ars Rediviva Ensemble Prague; Milan Munclinger. 1994 release), LEOPOLD KOŽELUCH (1747-1818): Symphony for Winds in D (Consortium Classicum. 1998 release), JOHANN SOBECK (1831-1914): Clarinet Concerto in B Flat (after Beethoven’ unfinished violin concerto, WoO5) (Dieter Klöcker [clarinet], Prague Chamber Orchestra. 2001 release), ZDENĚK FIBICH (1850-1900): Symphony No. 3 in E Minor, Op. 53 (Czech Philharmonic Orchestra; Gerd Albrecht. 1995 release), Overture to Sarka, Op. 51 (Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra; Sylvain Cambreling. 2001 release of entire opera), JOSEPH BOHUSLAV FOERSTER (1859-1951): Violin Concerto No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 88 (Andrea Duka Löwenstein [violin], Vienna RSO; Albrecht. 2000 release).

Catalogue Number: 02U024

Label: Orfeo

Reference: MP 1802

Format: CD reissue

Price: $14.98

Description: Orfeo provide no recording dates or original copyright dares for these recordings so I’ve researched them for you. The notes are next to nonexistant so one can merely point to the most unusual piece: Sobeck’s 18-minute clarinet version of Beethoven’s early violin concerto that he left unfinished between 1790 and 1792. One might also point out that the 2000 issue of the Foerster was the work’s only recording available until Supraphon’s version in 2008. A reasonably well-chosen group of works at a very attractive budget price. 2 CDs.


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