JOSEPH BONNET (1884-1944): from 12 Pièces, Op. 5: No. 1 Prélude, No. 3 Toccata, No. 4 Nocturne, No. 5 Ave Maris Stella, No. 6 Rêverie, No. 8 Fantaisie sue deux Noëls, No. 9 Epithalame, No. 10 Légende Symphonique and No. 12 Rhapsodie Catalane.

Catalogue Number: 02O056

Label: Carthagène

Reference: 730540

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Another "historical" organ recording (made in 1974, before the restoration of this organ, as the cover takes pains to point out), this time bringing us music by one of the most important turn-of-the-century French recitalists who had a significant North American connection, founding the organ department at the Eastman School, and ending his career and life in Quebec. The program was chosen to show off this instrument's unique characteristics. Marie Ducrot (Didier organ of Notre-Dame, Laon).


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