ERIK SATIE (1866-1925): Le fils des étoiles.

Catalogue Number: 02O050

Label: Passacaille

Reference: 965

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Written in 1891 as three preludes and background music for flutes and harps for a "Chaldean Pastorale" by the founder of the Rosicrucian Society (only this piano version remains), this is 59 minutes of pure Satie: the 14- to 17-minute Act music was not written according to any texts but merely exists and what the composer would later call "furniture music". Collage technique, kaleidoscope, mosaic - all these terms have been used to describe it and one might also point out that in his harmonic texture, Satie anticipates Scriabin and Bartók by almost 20 years. Alexei Lubimov (1899 Bechstein piano).


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