DANIEL PURCELL (c.1670-1717): Violin and Harpsichord: 6 Sonatas, 3 Solos, Chaconne, Solo Harpsichord: Suite, Toccata, Rondeau, Lovely charmer, What ungrateful devil moves you, Alass when charming Sylvia's gon.

Catalogue Number: 02O019

Label: Chandos Chaconne

Reference: CHAN 0795

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This attempt at refurbishing the reputation of Henry Purcell's brother (or cousin) concentrates on his violin sonatas or "solos" which, unlike the unkind things said about what talent he had being a pale imitation of Henry, are likely influenced by the solo sonatas of Gottfried Finger: tuneful, free of counterpoint and made up of quite short movements attached sometimes by the harpsichord. These were published in 1698 and circa 1710. All but three of the sonatas are Premiere Recordings. Hazel Brooks (violin), David Pollock (harpsichord).


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