GIACOMO PERTI (1661-1756): Il Mosè conduttor del popolo ebreo.

Catalogue Number: 02O017

Label: Tactus

Reference: TCT 661603

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This hour-long oratorio (managing to contain 21 arias and a duo) was written by the 24-year-old Perti hoping to impress the Duke of Modena and the higher refinement and boldness of the music seems to emulate the Bolognese composer Giovanni Colonna (some of whose psalm settings we offered just last month - 01O010). Strings and continuo are joined in the sinfonia and in two particularly dramatic arias, a solo trumpet. Texts available on-line. Gloria Banditelli (mezzo), Marco Bussi (baritone), Laura Antonaz (soprano), Ensemble "Les Nations"; Maria Luisa Baldassari (harpsichord).


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