JOSÉ LUIS HURTADO (b.1975): Lasciare for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano (White Rabbit), Agitato intenso for Clarinet and Piano (Michael Norsworthy [clarinet], Yoshiko Hiramatsu Kline [piano]), Letargo e Instante for Piano and Chamber Orchestra (Jacques Drouin [piano], Nouvel Ensemble Moderne; Lorraine Vaillancourt), L'ardito e quasi stridente gesto for String Quartet (Arditti Quartet), Alla tessitura for Solo Viola (Garth Knox).

Catalogue Number: 02M108

Label: Urtext

Reference: JBCC 186

Format: CD

Price: $13.98

Description: Hurtado's music consists of a profusion of meticulously crafted details, inviting the listener to concentrate on the relationship between sounds, and the nature of the sounds themselves. Complex, active textures are abundant, most strikingly in the succinct Piano Concerto, 'Letargo e Instante' in two contrasting movements, the first consisting of long sonorous phrases, the second made up of fragmentary 'instants' which combine, mosaic-like, to a larger structure. The Quartet was written for the Ardittis, and weaves a detailed, complex skein of active, independent string lines, with frequent exploration of the instruments' highest registers (also explored in the solo viola piece), harmonics and skittering contact with the strings, abrupt pizzicati and aggressive gestures with lightning changes of mood. Whatever the forces, timbral variety is important to Hurtado; in 'Lasciare' a small ensemble is used to create the maximum amount of contrast between instrumental combinations, creating dense textures out of constantly evolving contrapuntal lines; the more restricted forces of 'Agitato intenso' the clarinet increases its timbral range through multiphonics in a taut dialogue with the piano in which the two instruments mirror each other in register and the abrupt contrast between activity and static reflection.


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