HANS PFITZNER (1869-1949): Die Heinzelmännchen, Op. 14, Der Trompeter, Op. 25/1, Klage, Op. 25/2, Herr Oluf, Op. 12, 4 Lieder, Op. 4, Nachts, Op. 26/2, Zorn, Op. 15/2, An die Mark, Op. 15/3, Ins der Himmel darum im Lenz so blau, Op. 2/2, Herbstlied, Op. 3/2, Mein Herz ist wie die dunkle Nacht, Op. 3/3, Lethe, Op. 37, Wanderers Nachtlied, Op. 40/5, An den Mond, Op. 18, Willkommen und Abschied, Op. 29/3.

Catalogue Number: 02M005

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 552

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Five of these songs were originally written for orchestra (the first four listed above and Lethe) and occupy 31 of the discs 68 minutes. As to the others, Pfitzner selected those songs which most obviously called for more color and expressive power than a piano can give. The ten-minute Heinzelmännchen (yes, brownies - as in elf-like people) is a riot of orchestral color, each stanza given a different orchestration according to the trade the brownies are engaged in and Herr Oluf, an early effort from 1891, presents a vibrant, exuberant composer completely at odds with the image of him late in his life. The application of orchestral color to the piano songs all dates from after 1925 and the mature composer's approach to each is masterful. German-English texts. Hans Christoph Begemann (baritone), Northwest German Philharmonic; Otto Tausk.


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