THIERRY BLONDEAU (b.1961): Non-Lieu I for Guitar, Non-Lieu II for Clarinet and Cello, Lieu I for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano and String Trio.

Catalogue Number: 02L126

Label: Aeon

Reference: AECD 0984

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: These pieces make up a cycle, all concerned with an expanded perception of acoustic phenomena. The titles refer to music written for a specific place (lieu) or not; Lieu I has to be adapted somewhat for performances anywhere other than the location for which it was conceived. Blondeau's quest for novel timbres begins on a solo guitar, with every possible means of evoking harmonics from the strings exhaustively explored. The second piece investigates similar acoustic phenomena related to the cello and clarinet, with the added sound of a bell, and noise textures and extended playing techniques from both instruments. These techniques culminate in the ensemble piece, in which spatial concerns are added to the repertory of microtones, harmonics, unorthodox performance methods, detunings and so on, in an intoxicatingly disorienting half-hour exploration of sonorous effects. In all three pieces, fleeting passages with a distinct pulse, even a beat, act as unexpected anchors, references to a more familiar musical vocabulary. Christelle Séry (guitar), Ayumi Mori (clarinet), Jérémie Maillard (cello), Ensemble Cairn; Guillaume Bourgogne.


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