FRANCESCO MANCINI (1672-1737): Missa Septimus for Chorus, Strings and Continuo, ANON.: Motet In deliquio amore for Soprano, Strings and Continuo, Psalms Lauda Jerusalem for Chorus, Strings and Continuo and Confitebor tibi, Domine for Soprano, Strings and Continuo.

Catalogue Number: 02L020

Label: Etcetera

Reference: KTC 4031

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: All here comes from Mechelen's Saint-Rombout's Cathedral, giving us an idea of the music-making one might find in Flanders between 1695 and 1745. Mancini's mass is monumental in character with impressive fugato structures and counterpoint but even the anonymous pieces (each between 17-20 minutes) are also by highly talented composers. Claire LefilliĆ¢tre (soprano), Marnix De Cat (altus), Han Warmelinck (tenor), Currende; Erik Van Nevel.


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