TANSY DAVIES (b.1973): Neon, STUART MACRAE (b.1976): Interact (John Wallace [trumpet]).

Catalogue Number: 02I092

Label: London Sinfonietta

Reference: SINF CD1-2006

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: Neon is heavily influenced by rock and techno/electronica styles of music, absorbed into a contemporary instrumental medium. With its insistent pulsation and predominantly percussive rhythmic textures, the piece seems like an evolution of Nymanesque minimalism for an audience not necessarily versed in concert hall avant-gardism. MacRae's trumpet concerto makes much of the interplay between the highly virtuosic solo part and the equally virtuosic, and very clear-textured, music for the ensemble. In the first movement, brass players from the ensemble move around the stage, engaging in dialogues with the soloist, alternately lively, fragmented, frenetic and humorous. This gives way to a second movement beginning in glacial stillness, and in which the soloist's role is more lyrical, muted and melancholy. London Sinfonietta; David Porcelijn, HK Gruber.


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