REINHARD SÜSS (b.1961): Symphony No. 1, Concerto for Trombone, Double Bass and Orchestra, Trio for Trombone, Double Bass and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 02I090

Label: VMS

Reference: 173

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Fundamentally grounded in tonality, plus or minus some pungent dissonance here and there, Süss' music is readily approachable and assimilable. Formally conventional and uncomplicated in texture, these works present and develop their material with classical restraint in clear, often chamber-music textures even within an orchestral context, and Romantic warmth. The unusual combination of soloists in the concerto lends some timbral spice to the work's generally affable and easy-going argument, and the same rich sonorities provide an intriguing color pallette in the chamber work, here and there jazz-inflected and more harmonically adventurous than the orchestral pieces. Otmar Gaiswinkler (trombone - concerto), Ernst Weissensteiner (double bass), Dietman Rüblböck (trombone - trio), Reinhard & Tanja Süss (piano), Wiener Concert-Verein; Ulf Schirmer.


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