IVAN FEDELE (b.1953): Mixtim for 7 Players, Il giardino di giada II for Flute and String Trio, Notturno for 11 Players, Arcipelago Möbius for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Double Bass, Profilo in eco for Flute and Ensemble.

Catalogue Number: 02I089

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33717

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: These concise and detailed ensemble works function like intricate pieces of mechanism, with every gesture, every interacting fragment precisely proportioned in relation to every other. Fedele's vocabulary is atonal, with a sense of forward progression provided by dynamic articulation and a degree of repetition of phrases, used in a mnemonic sense to provide a kind of narrative structure. Some degree of extended technique is involved, with strings playing harmonics or in very high registers for extended passages, for instance, leading to a sense of timbral ambiguity, but this does not appear to be the composer's primary concern, rather contributing to a feeling of a dream-like state in which everything is præternaturally clear yet detached from the logic of consciousness. Mario Caroli (flute), Ensemble Algoritmo; Marco Angius.


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