JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809): Theresienmesse, Kleine Orgelmesse, Schöpfungsmesse, Missa "rorate coeli desuper", Gloria from Schöpfungsmesse, Harmoniemesse, Salve Regina, Te Deum (2), Paukenmesse (Missa in tempore belli), Nelsonmesse, Ave Regina, Missa brevis, Heiligmesse, Nikolaimesse, Missa Sanctae Ceciliae (Missa Cellensis), Missa sunt bona mixta malis, Große Orgelmesse, Mariazeller Messe, Incidental Music to Alfred, König der Angelsachsen.

Catalogue Number: 02I031

Label: Chandos Chaconne

Reference: 0734

Format: CD

Price: $60.98

Description: Real value of the cpo kind as Chandos box up the wonderful Haydn mass series - the six major ones composed between 1796 and 1802 as well as eight smaller-scale ones, with some interesting filler as well. 8 CDs. Susan Gritton, Janice Watson, Nancy Argenta, Lorna Anderson (sopranos), Pamela Helen Stephen, Catherine Denley, Louise Winter (mezzos), Mark Padmore (tenor), Stephen Varcoe (baritone), Ian Watson (organ), Collegium Musicum 90; Richard Hickox. Original 1996-2002 Chandos releases.


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