STANISŁAW MONIUSZKO (1819-1872): Cantatas Milda and Nijoła.

Catalogue Number: 01V031

Label: Dux

Reference: 1640

Format: CD

Price: $29.98

Description: Both works are based on Lithuanian legend, Milda being the goddess of love who angers her father Perun, the storm god, by having an affair with a mortal; this 48-minute cantata was first performed in 1849. Nijoła is a human who is carried off by Poklus, the god of the underworld (making her a Lithuanian Persephone); shorter at 31 minutes, this had its only performance in 1854. 2 CDs. Polish-English texts. Wioletta Chodowicz, Maria Jaskulka-Chrenowicz (sopranos), Ewa Wolak (mezzo), Sylwester Smulczyński (tenor), Robert Gierlach (baritone), Szymon Kobyliński (bass), Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Choir, Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra; Łukasz Borowicz.


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