JEAN CRAS (1879-1932): Piano Quintet, Quintet for Harp, Flute and String Trio, La Flûte de Pan for Soprano, Pan Flute and String Trio.

Catalogue Number: 01V007

Label: Passacaille

Reference: PAS 1067

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The 1922 quintet, colorful and exotic, was recently made available again (11U046) and now the same thing has happened for the modal, pentatonic harp quintet (1928) which seems to speak of ancient meadows populated by dryads, nymphs and fauns (and whose previous 2001 recording is gone). The four-song cycle with the exotic sound of the pan flute (also from 1928), adding to the Theocritean mood of the harp quintet, also makes a return to the catalogue. French-English texts. Sophie Karthäuser (soprano), Oxalys.


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