RICHARD DUBUGNON (b.1968): 5 excerpts from Arcanes Symphoniques, Op. 30, Triptyque for Baritone and Ensemble, Op. 23, Le Songe Salinas for Mezzo-Soprano and Large Orchestra, Op. 36.

Catalogue Number: 01S043

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573687

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: The Symphonic Arcana are short orchestral studies that form musical representations of the 22 major Tarot cards. Five are heard here according to the composer's instructions that any selection can be performed in any order, simulating the dealing of the cards, every time being different. This is the only 'chance' aspect of the piece, which is otherwise largely neo-romantic, with elements of French impressionism and vivid, colorful orchestration and variations in modal and harmonic content to reflect the character of the cards. The other works are collaborations with French novelist Stéphane Héaume. Triptyque consists of three little visionary, fantastical tragic tableaux, unusually scored for three instrumental groups surrounding the soloist. The vocal contours are very French, the orchestration iridescent and colorful. Le songe Salinas is a half-hour mini-opera. The subject-matter, and hence the music, is tinged with orientalism in a somnolent, sensual, headily perfumed idiom that recalls Ravel, the Szymanowski of the 3rd Symphony and Król Roger, and the 'poisonous sweetness' of a Sorabjian nocturne. The dreamlike, exotic atmosphere is heightened by the evocation of Arabic instruments and some suggestion of middle-eastern modes. Nora Gubisch (mezzo), Thomas Dolié (baritone), Orchestre National de France; Laurent Petitgirard, Debora Waldman (Triptyque), Fabien Gabel (Le Songe). French texts.


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