RAMÓN PAÚS (b.1956): Wood Sunset for Viola and Piano, Cobalt blue, in transit for Viola and Orchestra, First elegy, the drift for Violin, Viola, Choir and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 01S040

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573602

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: The composer comes from a varied musical background, in film, theatre, jazz and concert composition. These works are highly approachable, with a wide range of emotional expression. 'Wood Sunset' is a large suite of 'impressions', played in one span. The language is very tonal, but in a variety of different ways; in some movements, rich, saturated chords from the piano suggest jazz, in others, Messiaen. Some episodes are built on minimalism-like repeating arpeggiated getures; others have a mysterious, impressionistic incandescent glow, one is expressly a jazz piece, others are neo-romantically dramatic. The constant is the long, eloquent nature of the melodic lines and the duo character of the interaction between the instruments. 'Cobalt Blue, in transit' is a concertante work, beginning with a cadenza that lays out the mood and material of the piece. The piece is tonal, romantic and atmospheric in nature, with warm string textures and a singing solo line. A livelier central section has a Spanish flavor and a suggestion of jazz in the florid, agile viola line. The haunting elegy was written in memory of a violinist friend of the composer. The work sets a heartbroken text by the violinist's husband, in sombre male voice textures, while the orchestra accompanies with heavy tread and tolling bells while the soloists weave an intertwining pall around the solemn procession. Yuval Gotlibovich (viola), Eduardi Fernández (piano), Raquel Castro (violin), ESMUC Chamber Choir, Catalan Chamber Orchestra; Joan Pàmies.


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