NICO MUHLY (b.1981): Cello Concerto, ERNEST BLOCH (1880-1959): 3 Jewish Poems, Schelomo

Catalogue Number: 01Q069

Label: Steinway & Sons

Reference: 30049

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Muhly's attractive, approachable, very tonal concerto is a traditional tripartite design, the first two movements played without a break. The first movement begins with a long, lyrical statement by the soloist, which leads to an active, rather antagonistic dialogue with the orchestra in faster, pulsating tempo. The second movement emerges from this conflict, plaintive and lyrical, increasingly overtaken by denser textures and chromatic disturbances which obscure the tonal harmony. The movement is ultimately overwhelmed by this dissonant intrusion and finally just stops. The finale is propelled by quasi-minimalistic patterning, the soloist embellishing the brightly active accompaniment with short melodic statements and gestures. Zuill Bailey (cello), Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra; Jun Märkl.


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