DAN WELCHER (b.1948): Symphony No. 4 "American Visionary", 4 Places in the West.

Catalogue Number: 01Q060

Label: Longhorn Music

Reference: LHM2013003

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The 'Places' are four of America's National Parks, and they depict the awe-inspiring contours of four very different landscapes, and celebrate their natural grandeur and the irresistible forces of nature. These find their natural expression in massive block chorales, the fluid textures of waters and clouds reflected in shifting, shimmering harmonies, and for the irresistible momentum of swollen torrents or lightning-kindled wildfires, energetically propulsive music somewhat akin to John Adams'. Hymn tunes, shared with Copland, evoke the human spirit in the midst of nature. The Symphony, in three movements - Machines, Family and Community - depicts aspects of the life of a prominent Texan entrepreneur. Based on a twelve-note pitch set clothed in rich tonal harmony, the work is successively quirky and energetic, warmly lyrical and exuberantly celebratory. University of Texas Wind Ensemble; Jerry F. Junkin.


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