ANDERS ELIASSON (1947-2013): Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra, PETERIS VASKS (b.1946): Vox amoris for Violin and String Orchestra, JEAN SIBELIUS (1865-1957): Suite for Violin and String Orchestra, Op. 117, KURT ATTERBERG (1887-1974): Suite No. 3 for Violin, Viola and String Orchestra, Op. 19/1, OLE BULL (1810-1880): Solitude sur la Montagne.

Catalogue Number: 01Q059

Label: Ars Produktion

Reference: ARS 38 157

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $18.98

Description: Eliasson's concerto, a 20-minute work from 1992) begins in media res as it were, with a frenetic burst of activity, rhythmically complex and exhilarating, in the composer's unmistakable harmonic language, forged of mixed modalities, tonal-sounding but backing a single center of gravity. The slow movement begins as an agonised threnody, the soloist weaving a line of pleading melody against a background of mourning strings over a heavy, dragging ostinato bass, sounding for all the world like something Pettersson might have done. The third movement opens in buoyant scherzando mood, the soloist taking exuberant flight over a strongly rhythmic accompaniment; then an extended questing cadenza which settles into a meditative soliloquy, leads to the final section, still relentlessly energetic but now serious and determined, suddenly truncated with an ambiguous closing gesture without resolution. The combination of eloquent, plangent solo violin and intimate, enfolding string orchestra showcase Vasks' greatest strengths as a composer. Vox amoris (2009 - a recent Wergo recording of it was offered in June 2012 [06N088]) is a 21-minute, unbroken line of beautiful melody, ranging from gently nurturing to passionate, in warm, consonant tonal harmony, only fleetingly menaced by passing shadows. Kathrin Ten Hagen (violin), Itamar Ringel (viola), Folkwang Chamber Orchestra; Johannes Klumpp.


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