ARAM KHACHATURIAN (1903-1978): Piano Sonata, Poem, Toccata, 2 Pieces, Adagio from Spartacus - Suite No. 2 (arr. Matthew Cameron), Waltz, Nocturne and Romance from Masquerade Suite (arr. Alexander Dolukhanian [1910-1968]).

Catalogue Number: 01Q046

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP673

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Hard to believe that there are only two other recordings currently available of the 1961 sonata, a rare piece of abstract music from the composer's late years when conducting and administration took up most of his time. It consists of two fast movements full of notes and edgy temperament (with only a few echoes of the lyricism and folk elements of his famous ballets) surrounding a long andante tranquillo of greater emotional depth. Transcription fanciers will discover that much of the swooning emotion of the famous Spartacus Adagio comes through in Cameron's recent arrangement; the three best-known segments from Masquerade were arranged in 1952. Kariné Poghosyan (piano).


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