FERNANDE DECRUCK (1896-1954): Viola Sonata, MARCELLE SOULAGE (1894-1970): Sonata for Solo Viola, Op. 43, LUISE ADOLPHA LE BEAU (1850-1927): 3 Pieces, Op. 26, MINNA KEAL (1909-1999): Ballade in F Minor, PAMELA HARRISON (1915-1990): Viola Sonata, Lament, LILIAN FUCHS (1901-1995): Sonata Pastorale for Solo Viola, REBECCA CLARKE (1886-1979): Viola Sonata.

Catalogue Number: 01O047

Label: MSR Classics

Reference: MS 1416

Format: CD

Price: $25.98

No Longer Available

Description: This two-disc collection of (mostly) rare viola repertoire by (mostly - Le Beau's late Romantic trio of short pieces dates from 1881) 20th century women composers includes the viola version of Ms. Decruck's saxophone sonata (see above). Aside from the well-known and often-recorded Clarke, the two largest pieces are Soulage's 22-minute solo sonata from 1930 and Englishwoman Harrison's 23-minute sonata from 1946, both of which are attractive addtions to 20th century tonal chamber music. 2 CDs. Hillary Herndon (viola), Wei-Chun Bernadette Lo (piano).


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