MORTON SUBOTNICK (b.1933): Electronic Works, Vol. 3 - Until Spring: Revisited for Live Electronics, Glass Harp and Live Video (Morton Subotnick [electronics], Miguel Frasconi [electronics, glass harp]), 4 Butterflies for 4-Channel Tape.

Catalogue Number: 01N094

Label: Mode

Reference: 237

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Such a rarified niche as this probably only requires us to say: New stereo mix by Subotnick of 4 Butterflies (1973) and a new high-definition transfer from the original analogue master tapes. He tells us much about 4 Butterflies but almost nothing about what he did to "revisit" the 1976 About Spring beyond hinting about using new technology which allows him to insert, remove, mix and match elements of a work, preventing it from having a final form even on disc.


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