Dan Godfrey Encores

MONTAGUE BIRCH (1884-1947): Dance of the Nymphs for Celeste and Orchestra (Alastair Young [celeste]), Intermezzo (Pizzicati), PERCY WHITLOCK (1903-1946): Carillon for Organ and Orchestra (Malcolm Riley [organ]), LANDON RONALD (1873-1938): In an Eastern Garden from The Garden of Allah, ARMSTRONG GIBBS (1889-1960): The Betrothal Ballet Music, Op. 34, INA BOYLE (1889-1967): The Magic Harp (Eluned Pierce [harp]), ETHEL SMYTHE (1858-1944): Overture to The Boatswain's Mate, BYRON BROOKE (1898-1983): Gee Whiz! for Xylophone and Orchestra (Matt King [xylophone], reconstr. and ed. Ronald Corp [b.1951]), RUTLAND BOUGHTON (1878-1960): Love Duet from The Immortal Hour, HOWARD FLYNN (18??-19??): Clatter of the Clogs: A Novelty Fox-Trot, CECIL WHITE (18??-19??): A Sierra Melody, LUDWIG PLEIER (18??-19??): Karlsbad Doll's Dance, FERDINAND HÉROLD (1791-1833): Overture to Zampa.

Catalogue Number: 01N088

Label: Dutton Epoch

Reference: CDLX 7276

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Godfrey was also a major champion of British composers and often invited them to conduct their own works. He recorded many of his favorite "encore" items, which is how orchestra violinist Byron Brooke's Gee Whizz! survived; conductor Corp reconstructed it from its 78rpm recording since the music itself had vanished. Birch, although having applied to succeed Godfrey in 1934, was an orchestral violinist who never became an official conductor but, in addition to providing several "encores" as composer, he also held the orchestra together during the war years when it was reduced to 24 players. Cecil White was another orchestra violinist/composer while we might also point out that the forgotten Pleier's Karlsbader Puppentanz (to give it its original German title) is played here as Godfrey played it - with strings plucked by quills. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra; Ronald Corp.


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