WILLIAM GRANT STILL (1895-1978): Wood Notes, Symphony No. 2 in G Minor "Song of a New Race", Symphony No. 3 "The Sunday Symphony".

Catalogue Number: 01N056

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.559676

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: These performers complete their Still symphony cycle with the 1937 Song of a New Race, premiered by Stokowski. This relies on African-American musical sources - spirituals, jazz, blues - and has only one fast movement (a scherzo in cakewalk rhythm) while the final movement builds slowly and inexorably in monumental fashion to an apotheosis of an integrated American society. There has only been one other recording of the Third available on disc (the not easily available one on Cambria, made in 1984) which dates from 1958 and has a similar moderate-to-slow series of movements ("Awakening", "Prayer") with a fast third ("Relaxation") and a resolute, forward-looking finale ("Day's End and a New Beginning"). World Premiere Recording of the 1947 Wood Notes, a 16-minute suite of nature scenes ("Singing River", "Autumn Night", "Moon Dusk" and "Whippoorwill's Shoes") which has a pleasant, slightly Dvor├íkian color to it, mixed with Still's own impressionistic style. Fort Smith Symphony; John Jeter.


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