CLAUDE LEDOUX (b.1960): Sanaalijal for Flute and 13 Instruments, bell(e)...s for Piano and 13 Instruments, Les ruptures d'icare I for String Quartet, Torrent for Cello and 10 Instruments.

Catalogue Number: 01M086

Label: Cyprès

Reference: CYP4627

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These works were written after the composer undertook extensive travels in the far east, experiences that profoundly affected his approach to the æsthetic of his work. This is less apparent in explicit references to non-western sounds or styles of playing than in an overall impressionistic sense of atmosphere and color, though occasional inflections of melodic lines, or in the case of the flute concerto, variations of timbre suggest influences from outside the western concert hall. The solo parts in the concertante works are extremely virtuosic - Bell(e)...s is almost a solo piano work for much of its duration, with voice multiphonics in the flute piece and some extended techniques in Torrent, whose dense textures evoke the spring floods in the snows of the Himalayas. The tumultuous activity of this work involves sonorities which sound almost like those of concrète or electronic origin, though in fact the work is for acoustic ensemble. The string quartet borrows some aspects of microtonal intonation and elaborate ornamentation from Indian music in four fluid, intricate movements with abundant use of extended techniques and sonically distorting noise textures. Berten D'Hollander (flute), Nao Momitani (piano), Jean-Paul Dessy (cello), Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles; Jean Thorel, Patrick Davin (Torrent).


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