KURT WESTERBERG (b.1950): Winter Light for Orchestra (Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra; Juozas Domarkas), Piano Trio (Aglika Angelova [piano], Robert Waters [violin], Julian Hersh [cello]), Fantasy for Violin and Piano (Duo Diorama), Concerto for Wind Ensemble (De Paul University Wind Ensemble; Donald DeRoche).

Catalogue Number: 01M082

Label: Southport

Reference: S-SSCD 0130

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Winter Light is an evocative tone-poem which suggests through orchestral texture and slowly evolving organic growth, the kind of natural processes one associates with winter. The trio presents a wider range of ideas, beginning with a fragmentary introduction followed by two scherzi framing a central adagio. In the faster movements the instruments seem to be attempting to collaborate more closely than the heterophonic textures which dominate the first movement; the slow movement is laden with imagery, like Winter Light, except here the season is summer in Chicago, humid, languid and filled with the drowsy sounds of insects and a summer storm. The finale is more cohesive and simpler in texture than what has gone before. The Fantasy has some programmatic intent, reflecting on the beginning and ending of life; this accounts for the work's questing nature. The turbulent concerto is linked to the composer's experiences of social turmoil in the 60s and 70s. Formally it contrasts small groups with tutti development of the ideas they present, arising dramatically from ominous, subdued beginnings.


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