CONSTANT VAN DE WALL (1871-1945): Rapsodie javanaise II, Op. 51, Herinneringen uit Java, Op. 8, La fille du Sultan, Op. 34, Le Boro-Boudor, Op. 35, PAUL SEELIG (1876-1945): 4 pieces from Lagoe-lagoe: Lyrische Stücke aus dem Sunda Archipel, 3 danses javanaises, Op. 37, LINDA BANDARA (1881-1960): Ketjubong, DIRK FOCK (1886-1973): 2 pieces from Java Suite, Op. 45 & 46, BERTA TIDEMAN-WIJERS (1887-1976): 2 klavierstukken, Op. 5, HECTOR MARINUS (1902-1952): Prelude javanaise.

Catalogue Number: 01M038

Label: Dutch Record Company

Reference: DRC 091008/01

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

No Longer Available

Description: This special import has Dutch-only notes but its extreme rarity of content (and the dozen or so period photos from Java) make it well worth offering. These are piano pieces by Dutch composers, amateur and professional, who spent all or part of their lives in their then-colony of Indonesia. Needless to say, the native gamelan music had a profound impact on them (these pieces predate or are contemporary with the gamelan-inspired music of Debussy, Cowell, Colin McPhee or Leopold Godowsky) and each has his/her own recipe for fusing this eastern music with European Romanticism (or Impressionism). A bit expensive (thanks purely to the weak dollar) but the timing is a full 78:33. Henk Mak van Dijk (piano).


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