WOJCIECH KILAR (b.1932): Symphony No. 5 "Advent" for Chorus and Orchestra, Solemn Overture for Orchestra, Easter Hymn for Mixed Choir.

Catalogue Number: 01M011

Label: Dux

Reference: 0781

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Brand new, Kilar's 2010 Solemn Overture was written for the 145th anniversary of Katowice, its repetetive, solemn mood varied through changing textures with low brass always ominously present seeming to evoke the dark aspects of Poland's history. The 2007 symphony is very similar in style, dark, oppressive, with its outer movements employing the choral forces in the "Veni Domine Jesu" of St. Paul's "Apocalypse" with the inner movements purely orchestral - the Largo relgiosamente using a 17th century Silesian song and the Andante solennemente a German Silesian Advent song of the same period. Fans of Kilar's film scores will know what to expect. Silesian Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra; Miroslaw Jacek Blaszczyk.


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