ELLIOTT CARTER (b.1908): Mosaic for Chamber Ensemble, Figment IV for Viola, Enchanted Preludes for Flute and Cello, Tempo e Tempi for Soprano and Ensemble, HBHH for Oboe, 2 Fragments for String Quartet, Oboe Quartet.

Catalogue Number: 01K116

Label: Neos

Reference: 10816

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: Another birthday celebration for our remarkable centenarian composer, this collection of recent chamber works is loosely based around the contributions of Heinz Holliger, who provides a charming appreciation as frontispiece to the booklet. The elegant, light and lively harp 'concerto', Mosaic, with its dazzling array of harp techniques, opens the recital. The 1998/99 song cycle Tempo e Tempi is the centerpiece, full of Italianate light and lyricism, a beautiful example of Carter's exquisite manipulation of layers of material in contrasting tempi, simultaneously compressing, expanding and suspending time. We also have some of the characteristically brief pieces of the past decade, including the world premiere recording of Carter's birthday present to Holliger from last year, typically multifaceted and kaleidoscopic in three eventful minutes. The fantastical Oboe Quartet was written for Holliger and reflects his virtuosity in its brilliant and whimsical writing for the oboe, in varying duo groupings within the ensemble in the customary discursive Carter manner. Swiss Chamber Soloists. SACD hybrid.


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