ROLAND FREISITZER (b.1973): Music for Horn and 11 Musicians, THOMAS HEINISCH (b.1968): Chimäre - Musik für Horn und Kammerensemble, NORBERT STREK (b.1968): ...und leuchteten das Dunkel aus for Horn and Ensemble, KURT SCHWERTSIK (b.1935): In keltischer Manier for Alphorn in G Sharp and Small Orchestra, Op. 27, ROBERTO PINTOS (b.1965): Concerto for Horn and Ensemble.

Catalogue Number: 01K114

Label: Phoenix Edition

Reference: 131

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Freisitzer's composition, based on repeating cells (not very tonal, and not resembling minimalism) is in two strongly contrasted movements, the first gloomy and brooding, sounding more 'modern' than it is; the second rhythmically lively, revealing the musical process to be capable of producing more approachable results. Heinisch's piece begins with an obvious homage to Mahlerian nature-music, subsequently layering the texture with modernistic accretions before a final return to 'natural' sounds. The Sterk is a study in texture, only gradually revealing the presence of the horn as a solo component. Schwertsik responded to a commission for a work for the Alphorn with a picturesque pastiche of Romantic styles - four atmospheric picture-postcards suggesting romanticised images of the cultures in which the outdoor instrument evolved. The lively and energetic, not-trying-to-be-modern postlude by the soloist's compatriot has elements of folklore and tango; great fun. Nury Guarnaschelli (horn), Ensembel "Die Reihe"; Gottfried Rabl.


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