LÁSZLÓ MELIS (b.1953): Black and White.

Catalogue Number: 01K101

Label: Budapest Music Center

Reference: CD 135

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: This 40-minute suite in 15 movements is a very postmodern sidelong look at the baroque form from which it takes its inspiration. Starting with a Prelude that suggests that this is to be a neo-baroque exercise, it soon departs from tradition with the incorporation of dance forms that have no place in a baroque suite - Tango, Charleston, even a Rock 'n Roll movement (so-called; it's more like ragtime actually). Some of the movements come over as more ironic in intent than others; some just sound like updated specimens of their 300 year old counterparts. But they're all brief, tonal, and thoroughly enjoyable. Zoltán Lengyel (piano).


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