ERIC CHISHOLM (1904-1965): 10 Preludes from 24 Preludes from the True Edge of the Great World, 26 Airs from the Patrick MacDonald Collection, Petite Suite.

Catalogue Number: 01K075

Label: Divine Art

Reference: DDV24132

Format: CD

Price: $10.98

Description: Chisholm was a unique individual for whom composition was only one facet of a life in which he seems in retrospect to have fit a half-dozen parallel careers. One of these was the study of Scottish folk music (which earned him the not especially helpful sobriquet 'MacBartók' in some quarters, as his collection, assimilation and recomposition of folk material mirrored Bartók's). These little pieces are all based on folk melodies, but reinvented with the masterly touch of a sophisticated composer-pianist. Ranging from simple accompaniments to quite harmonically daring embellishments of modal melodies, the pieces are effective and marvelously atmospheric. Murray McLachlan (piano). Original 2004 Dunelm release.


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