KLAUS OSPALD (b.1956): Tschappina-Variationen for Ensemble, Concerto for Ensemble and Violin.

Catalogue Number: 01J104

Label: Neos

Reference: 10712

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: The composer has stated that he has yet to find a better motto for his works than this quotation by Jean Paul: "Here negative electrical philosophy an positive electrical enthusiasm struggle with one another for an equilibrium … If the human being measures and connects the infinite world with the small one, as humor does, the result is that laughter which still has a suffering and a nobility." What this appears to translate into in terms of Ospald's music is an energetic interchange of frequently wildly contrasting ideas and events, bound together in an apparent narrative. Thus the variations vary identifiable motivic cells both within and across sections; the material this treated can be timbral, pitch groups or rhythmic elements. The concerto shares this restless energy, with the violin providing an unifying thread among the heterophonic treatment of material throughout the piece. Less capricious than the variations, a lengthy section of the concerto hints at the 'suffering and nobility' behind the active, surface glitter. Bettina Boller (violin), Collegium Novum Zürich; Peter Hirsch. SACD hybrid.


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