FRANZ REIZENSTEIN (1911-1968): Partita for Recorder and Strings, Op. 13b, GORDON CROSSE (b.1937): Watermusic for Recorder and Strings, ARTHUR BUTTERWORTH (b.1923): RĂªverie ("Farewell Manchester") for Recorder, Harp and Strings, Op. 113a, ANTONY HOPKINS (b.1921): Suite for Recorder, Strings and Harp, FRANCIS JACKSON (b.1917): Moonrise for Recorder and Strings, ARNOLD COOKE (1906-2005): Divertimento for Recorder and Strings, MICHAEL HURD (1928-2006): Three-Piece Suite for Recorder and Strings, ANTHONY HEDGES (b.1931): 3 Miniatures for Recorder, Strings, Harp and Percussion, ELIS PEHKONEN (b.1942): Concerto Over the Water for Recorder and Strings.

Catalogue Number: 01J093

Label: Dutton Epoch

Reference: CDLX 7191

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: The sound of the recorder seems naturally to lend itself to neo-baroque compositions in the dance-suite style (Reizenstein, Crosse, Hopkins and Cooke) or to evocations of the pastoral idyl (Jackson, Butterworth). The other works here have some of both aspects although the largest-scale one, Pehkonen's concerto, concerned with the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie and Culloden, has a battle-scene in its first movement although the second two return to evocations of Scottish mists and heather based on a famous tune associated with the Pretender. John Turner (recorder), Manchester Camerata Ensemble; Philip Mackenzie.


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