JOHN IRELAND (1879-1962): Sea Fever, When Lights go Rolling Round the Sky, Youth's Spring-Tribute, The Holy Boy, Hope the Hornblower, If There Were Dreams to Sell, When I Am Dead, My Dearest, GEORGE DYSON (1883-1964): Valour, Morning and Evening, The Seekers, Hymn to the Stars, Praise, RUTLAND BOUGHTON (1878-1960): Fair is Our Lot, The Coastwise Lights, The Price of Admiralty, ARNOLD BAX (1883-1953): The Song of the Dagger, Welcome, Somer, Viking Battle Song, EDGAR BAINTON (1880-1956): Christmas Eve, Little Heart within Thy Cage, HUBERT PARRY (1848-1918): King Arthur's Farewell to Guenever (w/Ailish Tynan [soprano]).

Catalogue Number: 01J062

Label: Dutton Epoch

Reference: CDLX 7199

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: These works for baritone and orchestra belong to the Edwardian tradition of the genre begun by Elgar in 1899 with his Sea Pictures. Most of these are quite rare and several of them have been orchestrated, completed or adapted for this recording by Graham Parlett. Jeremy Dibble orchestrated the Wagnerian scena from Parry's unfinished opera Guenever (dating from the mid 1880s). No texts. Roderick Williams (baritone), BBC Concert Orchestra; Martin Yates.


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