EDUARD TOLDRÀ (1895-1962): 9 cançons populars catalanes, A muntanya, Menta i farigola, Cançó incerto, Els obercocs i les petites collidores, Aquarel-la del Montseny, Camins de fada, Cançó de l'oblit, Cançó de l'amor que passa, La mar estava alegra, Festeig, Vinyes verdes vora el mar, Romanç de Santa Llúcia, Les garbes dormen al camp, Cançó de passar cantant, Abril, Maig, Platxèria.

Catalogue Number: 01I068

Label: Dahiz

Reference: 796-CD

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Almost the entire compositional output of Toldrà dated from between the outbreak of World War I (when he had to leave Paris) and the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. He wrote more songs (around 50) than anything else and this selection of art songs and settings of folk songs is utterly captivating, the former almost uniformly glowing with the soft sunshine of April or May in Barcelona - utterly intoxicating in their love of life and nature and brimming with an effortless flow of lovely melody. Catalan-English texts. Isabel Monar (soprano), Conxa Sánchez-Ocaña (piano).


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