Notes for January 2008

Number of items in this month's catalogue: 7

1. Label info: There are 6 more Naxos titles inside which are not being released in the U.S. You'll recognize them by the "exclusive item" logo. There will be a significant batch of Pierre Verany and Arion discs in February's catalogue, along with six new Acte Préalable titles. The ongoing search for another source for Lyra continues...

2. Due to the amazingly flaccid dollar I have had to raise prices on several European labels, most importantly BIS, Timpani, Dutton Epoch, Opera Rara and Sterling. I absorbed one distributor price-hike on these labels already last year but cannot absorb another one. You will still find these prices the same as or, mostly, a dollar or two less than my on-line and brick-and-mortar competition.

January 2008 Catalogue

Format: CD
Price: $11.98
Format: CD
Price: $18.98
No Longer Available
Format: CD
JEAN SIBELIUS (1865-1957): The Sibelius Edition, Vol. 3: Voice and Orchestra - Kullervo, Op. 7 (Lilli Paasikivi [mezzo], Raimo Laukka [baritone], YL Male Voice Choir), [2 Chorales] for Mixed Choir and Orchestra (Dominante Choir), Rakastava (Tom Nyman [tenor], YL Male Voice Choir), Cantata for the University Graduation Ceremonies of 1894 (Helena Juntunen [soprano], Juha Hostikka [baritone], Dominante Choir), The Wood-Nymph, Op. 15 (Lasse Pöysti [narrator], Harri Karri [piano]), Serenade for Baritone and Orchestra (Tommi Hakala [baritone]), Cantata for the Coronation of Nicholas II (Jubilate Choir), The Maiden in the Tower (MariAnne Häggander [soprano], Tone Kruse [alto], Erland Hagegård [tenor], Jorma Hynninen [baritone], Gothenburg Concert Hall Choir, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Neeme Järvi), A Song for Lemminkäinen (YL Male Voice Choir, Lahti Symphony Orchestra; Jorma Panula), The Rapids-Rider's Brides, Op. 33 and Fool's Song of the Spider, Op. 27/4 (Hynninen [baritone], Gothenburg SO; Järvi), Sandels, Op. 26, Song of the Athenians, Op. 31/3 (original version), The Breaking of the Ice on the Oulu River, Op. 30 (YL Male Voice Choir, Lahti Boys' Choir, Lahti SO; Panula), Song of the Athenians, Op. 31/3 for Brass Septet and Percussion (YL Male Voice Choir, Lahti Boys' Choir), Snöfrid, Op. 29 (Stina Ekblad [narrator], Jubilate Choir), Impromptu, Op. 19 (original version, Dominante Choir), The Origin of Fire, Op. 32 (Hakala [baritone], YL MVC, Lahti SO; Panula), Since then I have questioned no further, Op. 17/1, Autumn Evening, Op. 38/1 (Häggander [soprano]), On a Balcony by the Sea, Op. 38/2 (Hynninen [baritone], Gothenburg SO; Panula for preceding 3), In the Night, Op. 38/3 (Hakala [baritone]), Have You Courage?, Op. 31/2 (YL MVC), Autumn Evening, Op. 38/1 (Helena Juntunen [soprano]), The Captive Queen, Op. 48 (Dominante Choir), The Countess's Portrait (Tytti Vänskä [narrator]), Impromptu, Op. 19 (final version, Dominante Choir, Lahti SO; Panula), The Captive Queen (male voice choir version, YL MVC), The Origin of Fire, Op. 32 (final version, Hakala [baritone], YL MVC), Have You Courage?, Op. 31/2 (male voice choir version, YL MVC), Arioso, Op. 3 (Häggander [soprano], Gothenburg SO; Panula), Have You Courage?, Op. 32 (third version, YL MVC, Lahti SO; Vänskä), Duke Magnus, Op. 57/6 (Juntunen [soprano], Lahti SO; Vänskä), Luonnotar, Op. 70, Sunrise, Op. 37/3, Spring is Flying, Op. 13/4 (all three Häggander [soprano], Gothenurg SO; Panula), Have You Courage? (fourth version, YL MVC), Sandels, Op. 28 (final version, YL MVC), The Diamond on the March Snow, Op. 36/6 (Hynninen [baritone], Gothenburg SO; Panula), March of the Finnish Jäger Battalion, Op. 91a (YL MVC), Scout March, Op. 91b (Dominante Choir), My Own Land, Op. 92 (Jubilate Choir), Song of the Earth, Op. 93 (Dominante Choir), Autrefois, Op. 96b (Kristiina Mäkela [soprano], Matleena Vakkilainen [alto]), Hymn to the Earth, Op. 95, Väinämöinen's Song, Op. 110, Processional, Op. 113/6 (all Dominante Choir), The Rapids-Rider's Brides, Op. 33 (male voice choir version, YL MVC), A Lonely Ski-Trail (Lasse Pöysti [narrator]), Kullervo's Lament, Op. 7 (Jyrki Korhonen [bass]), Come Away, Death, Op. 60/1 (Hynninen [baritone], Gothenburg SO; Panula).
Price: $59.98
Format: CD
Price: $16.98
No Longer Available
Format: CD
Price: $24.98
Format: CD
Price: $35.98


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