Notes for February 2014

Number of items in this month's catalogue: 0

1. SECURE WEBSITE: Please note that I had my site's security certificate renewed on Dec. 6 of last year. Neither I nor my useless hosting company's technicians know why some browsers still throw up that warning when you try to do anything password-connected. Supposedly, the technicians are looking into it again as I type. But, the site is secure and I don't store your credit card information on the site. I delete card numbers as soon as they are entered and I store them manually on paper so that they can't be hacked.

2. It was a good idea I had offering all those titles last month which had never been released in the U.S. as new. Problem is that their distributor (Naxos of America in all cases) was unable to resupply me on a total of 56 individual CDs. Neither their Swedish source (for Swedish Society) nor their European sources (for Dux, Thorofon and Ars Produktion) were able to fill their reorders and, as of Jan. 31, Naxos has had no word from anyone as to when these discs will be sent to them in the U.S. So I can't tell you anything about when back-orders will be filled. At least I was right in telling you that this catalogue would be much bigger and better: it's the first 100-plus catalogue since February of last year.

February 2014 Catalogue

Format: CD
Price: $29.98
Format: SACD hybrid
Price: $19.98
Format: CD
Price: $19.98
Format: DVD
Price: $28.98


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